कर्मचारी भविष्य निधि संगठन

क्षेत्रीय कार्यालय,भविष्य निधि भवन


लेडी डोक कॉलेज रोड,चोकीकुलम,मदुरै-625 002


  • An Employee is eligible for pension with minimum 10 years of pensionable service.

  • The Pension is payable on attaining the age of 58 years,whether he is in service or superannuated.

  • Early Pension at reduced rate can be availed on leaving the employment,after attaining the age of 50 years.

  • The Pension quantum is determined separately for the period of service from 1.3.1971 to 15.11.1995 as a fixed amount.This is known as?Past Service?benefit.

  • The Pension for the service rendered after 15.11.1995 is calculated through formula namely(PENSIONABLE SALARY X PENSIONABLE SERVICE)/70.

  • The contribution to Pension Fund can be made beyond the ceiling limit of Rs.6,500/-on the joint request of employee and the employer so as to get more pension benefit;but only when request is made immediately upon salary/wages exceeding the ceiling..

  • The employees who have not contributed to the Employees?Family Pension Scheme,1971 can also join the new Pension Scheme before attaining 58 years at their option,after paying the contribution and interest up-to-date from 1.3.1971 or date of joining whichever is earlier.

  • Where an employee is totally disabled and leaving the service on account of disablement,disablement Pension is allowed.No age and service stipulation to claim this pension;provided disability should be 100%rendering the member unable for the job he was in before disablement.

  • Wherever the Pension claims are received one month before the date of Retirement the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner will deliver the Pension Payment Order on the day of Retirement.

  • Apart from Pension benefit,a member pensioner can commute up to one-third of his pension and in lieu of this.He will received a lump sum amount equivalent to 100 times of the commuted value of pension;but once the option for or against is decided in application form 10D the same can?t be changed.

  • A pensioner may nominate a person to receive a lump sum amount after his death as Return of Capital by opting for it.

  • Family Pension is payable in case of death of a Member.

  • After leaving the employment.

  • While in employment.

  • After drawing the Pension.

  • Family Pension is payable even where the death occurs before 10 years of service in case of death while in service.Thus in such cases the minimum eligible service of 10 years is not applicable.

  • On Death of a member pensioner,the Pension is automatically payable to the spouse(widow/widower and eligible children)..

  • When a member dies while in service as Bachelor or Spinster or where there is no spouse or children below 25 years,the Family Pension is payable to Nominee till his/her death.

  • When there is no valid nomination,the Family Pension is payable to dependent father followed by dependent mother.

  • In addition to Family Pension to Widow/Widower,Children below 25 years are also eligible for Pension simultaneously two a a time in order of their seniority.It is payable to the married daughter/son also.

  • Minimum Widow Pension – Rs.450
    Minimum Child Pension – Rs.150
  • On death or re-marriage of widow/widower,the children will be given enhanced pension treating such children as Orphan..

  • Minimum Orphan Pension – Rs.250
  • On behalf of the minor children the pension is payable to guardian.

  • Any child in a family with total and permanent disablement will receive pension till death;in addition to other eligible children.

  • The monthly pension is payable through Andhra/State Bank of India,UTI,ICICI,HDFC Banks in Andhra Pradesh State on the first day of every month through the Savings Bank Account of the pensioner.

  • The Pension can be drawn anywhere in India.

  • The employees with less than 10 years of service on the day of superannuation may avail the benefit of withdrawal from the Pension Fund.

  • Where an employee has not served for 10 years on the date of leaving the service,he may obtain a Scheme Certificate so as to continue his membership during unemployment period and the same can be used to transfer the previous service as and when he joins another establishment.

  • In case of death during unemployment spouse&Children below 25 years become eligible for Pension,if the member is holding scheme certificate.